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Founder of the Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group,The German Shepherd Dog Breed Betterment Registry, Heaven's Gate, and the Degenerative Myelopathy Pedigree Board. DM is the canine equivalent of Multiple Sclerosis. I promised my beloved Jack Flash, who was lost to this disease, that I would be there to help others who had to walk the same path we had to travel. The Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group is a living memorial to him, and those like him, who fell victim to this insideous disease. I have established the German Shepherd Dog Breed Betterment Registry,a registry for GSDS with titled dogs within a 5 generation pedigree, and Heaven's Gate, breed specific German Shepherd Dog cause of death database, in the hopes that the health of the German Shepherd Dog can be improved, by sharing information on various diseases our breed has developed. I hope the database will not be ignored, as was Health Registry I created in the past, that closed due to a lack of participation. Silence, to me, exhibits an apathy, which speaks volumes, in and of itself. I love the German Shepherd Dog, and it is my hope that others, who also profess to love this breed, will help the German Shepherd Breed Betterment Registry and Heaven's Gate databases to grow and become a meaningful tool for helping to make our breed a healthier breed.

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